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The Cook’s Measure Helps Everyday Cooks

Here at The Cook’s Measure we’re all about helping everyday cooks. Cooks like us. Cooks like you.

We watch the celebrity chefs on TV just like you do, and envy and admire them. We try to create their tasty recipes ourselves, just like you do.

But TV chefs have kitchens filled with every imaginable cooking tool, utensil, device, pot and pan known to man. They know every cooking method and technique you’ve ever heard of, and quite a few you haven’t. They don’t spend their days at a regular job and rush home to cook for their family, hoping to create one of the yummy chef recipes while balancing their evening chores, their family, and their life.

In other words, they aren’t you, with your time and energies taken up by a real life that doesn’t include being an expert chef. And they have a serious budget that allows them to buy every single cooking toy they want, when they want, no matter the cost.

There’s nothing wrong with being them. But we aren’t them. So we do our cooking under a completely different set of conditions. We have to adapt when ingredients aren’t there, or a particular size, shape or type of pan isn’t in our kitchen, or a particular knife or utensil isn’t handy. We have to learn the techniques they demonstrate so effortlessly on TV, or muddle through as best we can.

And that’s who The Cook’s Measure website is for. Everyday cooks like you and me who just don’t have the chef gene, or the chef tools, or the chef resources, or the chef free time.

Cooking Tips and Cook’s Tutorials

You’ll find a wide range of cook’s tips and cooking tutorials to help you in the kitchen. If there’s some technique you want to learn and don’t see here, contact us and we’ll see what we can do about including it. You’ll be helping your fellow cooks who may be too shy to ask, and maybe we’ll learn something too! We’re big on “How To …” so you’ll see those for sure.

Other Cooking Information Articles

In addition to tips for how to best choose a cutting board or what to do when your baking sheets start to lose their non-stick finish, we have articles about cooking related topics. Knife safety in the kitchen, cooking with kids, and other more general cooking topics.

Buying Guides and Gift Guides

The buying guides and gift guides section is one of our favorites. We like to point family members to the gift guide section when our birthdays and Christmas are coming up.

Our buying guides on The Cook’s Measure are extremely helpful if you’re buying a product you aren’t really familiar with. We cover the usual features you can expect in a type of product, things to watch out for with particular features, what the high-end and low-end feature set would like look, possible issues with upkeep or maintenance, and much more. We do the product research across models and manufacturers so you can read it all right in one place to help you make the best decision for you.

Product Reviews, Product Comparisons, and Product “Top Products” Lists

And lastly, we have cooking reviews and product comparisons. If you’re trying to decide between toaster ovens made by two manufacturers or even two models from one manufacturer, we have the comparisons and goods on both. We sometimes also do a Top Products comparison to show you our top picks for a particular product.

Top 10, Top 5, and Best articles are common around the holidays and seasons when those products are often purchased. This can help you more easily find what you’re looking for without wasting hours researching on your own across the internet, product sites, shopping sites, forums, and more. We do the research to narrow the list for you, so you don’t have to.

So feel free to explore The Cook’s Measure, read more about our team of cooks, send questions our way on the Contact page, share recipes and articles with your friends, and maybe find something fun and useful for yourself or a friend in the product reviews and gift guides.