Save Time & Hassle – Easy Slow Cooker Cleanup Tip

I love my slow cooker. Actually, I love my THREE slow cookers.

Yes, I’m an addict. I’ll admit it.

But I’m also a neat freak, and a bit obsessive about easy cleanup after cooking.

Want To Know My Secret Whammy?

Easy-peasy slow cooker liners — I was in heaven from Day 1. If you haven’t used them before, you will be, too. Just pop in the liner, cook, remove the lid to let off steam, and serve with the liner in place. When it’s cool and you’ve removed your meal, pull it out. And Magic — No Mess. Try them out!

If you do have a gummy, messy slow cooker after you’ve finished cooking, here are some useful cleaning tips from CrockPot themselves.

My Recommendation – Try Them Out and Report Back Here

Come back and add your own tips. Tell us all if you liked using slow cooker liners or if you didn’t, and why…

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