Dark Side of the Force Waffle Maker for Star Wars Fans

fans can make a Dark Side of the Force breakfast on a Star Wars Sith Lord helmet

If you and your family and friends love waffles for breakfast, and especially if you’re Star Wars devotees, turn a boring meal into a Dark Side extravaganza with Sith Lord shaped waffles.

It’s easy to use, and lots of temperature settings — because we all know some picky eaters who want theirs “just so.” (Ahem, like me…)

I like the fan-oriented Star Wars design that shows loud and clear on your counter. Nobody’s going to think that’s a run-of-the-mill bargain store waffle maker. Check them out before other fans get there first.

Be sure to check out the Dark Vader Toaster, too.

close-up of waffle maker

see what Vader looks like squashed in the waffle maker

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