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Unique Black & White Salt and Pepper Set for R2-D2 Lovers

I don’t personally collect salt and pepper shakers. I’ve seen so many out there that they all start to look alike. So if you or someone you know does collect them, and especially if they are a Star Wars fan, these two droids in black and white (R2 is white, of course) will make a nice kitchen counter decoration. Not to mention fun to use.

R2-D2 and R2-Q5 unique salt and pepper shaker set

If you collect salt and pepper shaker sets, and especially if you are an R2-D2 lover, this unique pair is going make your Star Wars friends jealous. Or they might just run out and get one, too.

You could surprise them with this gift because when they see black R2-Q5 and white R2-D2 on your counter, you might need a bribe to avoid mayhem and filching. At least boxed sets are easy to wrap…

I like the fact that they’re washable. No hassles for once. I’ll bet you hate cleaning some fancy ones as much as I do. Here’s to ceramic and simple! Check them out before other fans get there first.

If these are out of stock at Amazon, you can also try ThinkGeek to see if they have R2-D2 and R2-Q5 in stock.

By Susan Davis

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