Meet Our Team for The Community of Everyday Cooks

Don’t you hate anonymous sites? Websites where some unknown person writes about a topic you care about, but it’s obvious they don’t?

We sure hate them.

And that’s why this page — and this site — exists for you. We want to introduce ourselves as the writers and research team behind The Cook’s Measure — The Community of Everyday Cooks.

First of all, we are cooks just like you. Everyday cooks.

And I’m not talking about some kind of fancy chef cooks like the ones you see on TV, looking like neat and tidy master chefs who whip up a 30 minute meal for 8 without a hair coming loose, never losing the smile on their face or running out of beef stock in the middle of making dinner.

Hey, we watch them too. And envy them for their expertise (be honest, I’ll bet you do too). But we aren’t that kind of cook. And probably neither are you.

Susan R. Davis Editor-in-Chief

Susan R. Davis

We are down-in-the-trenches, buried in flour, noses in our recipe book everyday cooks.

People just like you who want to be good cooks for yourselves, your family, and your friends. People who just want a good meal that tastes great, looks cool on your dining room table, doesn’t give you a heart attack or stroke to try to make, and gets the job done to feed your family and friends. And maybe impress them a little bit too.

And unlike those fancy TV chefs, we realize that you may not know how to do some of the cooking techniques the recipes call for. Or maybe you don’t have brown sugar and need to substitute something but don’t know what. Or you don’t have that fancy kitchen tool the chef used while making the dish on TV. How do you make that cool recipe at 5:30 pm. when your friends are showing up at 6 for dinner when you don’t have a whatchamacallit tool?

We are the website for cooks who aren’t experts and aren’t trying to be experts. Cooks who want to figure out how to get from planning a meal to delivering it to the table in the easiest way possible without destroying the kitchen or pulling out hair.

Our readers are everyday cooks like you with a wide range of needs:

  1. Busy cooks with a family to feed
  2. Couples wanting to plan for cozy gathering with friends or entertain coworkers, bosses, or business clients
  3. Tired out working cooks who just want to get dinner done without wearing themselves out further from a long day at their jobs
  4. Single cooks who are tired of cooking websites that focus on dinners for 4 or 6 or 8 or more
  5. Younger cooks just starting out in the real world with few cooking skills and even fewer tools to cook with
  6. All the rest of us everyday cooks just trying to make those recipes that look good, master the cooking techniques that help us be at home in the kitchen, and learn to be flexible cooks who can roll with the punches when the cooking process breaks and you’re out of ingredients, missing the right pan or tool, or just plain having trouble making the recipe work
Mike Davis, Research Head

Mike Davis
Head of Research

So our editorial and research staff looks for products that can make your life easier in the kitchen, and our writers provide you with an in-depth look at these products with an eye to sharing its strengths and weaknesses for our types of reader-cooks.

We know that not every product is a good fit for every type of cook. So we rate each product’s strengths and weaknesses AND we rate each product as to its best fit for different interests of our cook readers.

So each product is rated as to how good it is for single cooks, busy family cooks, couples, working cooks, and so on.

We are always on the lookout for good deals for you, and if a product doesn’t live up to its hype, we’ve done the research and we’ll shoot straight with you. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad, no matter how much money we might have made letting you buy it anyway.

We have also created product buying guides for you. These are guides on how to choose the best slow cooker for your needs, or how to find a good sushi knife. These guides discuss the features related to these particular products, what you should watch out for, what you should consider in terms of a good fit for your needs. In other words, we do the up-front research for you to make your purchasing decisions easier.

And not just buying guides. We know how hard shopping for gifts can be, so we have included Gift Guides. These are guides for those of you looking for the best gift for someone of a particular type. Best Gifts for Men Who Like to Bake, or Best Gifts for New Graduates Moving Out, or Top 10 Gifts for BBQ Fanatics. Of course, you can also check this out for yourself, and use them to drop hints to your spouse, friends, and family right before your birthday or Christmas…

And The Cook’s Measure is about more than product reviews and buying guides or gift guides. We’ve got tips and tutorials about cooking so you can learn more about how to cook with different techniques, and articles on all kinds of cooking topics. Ever wondered what exactly you do with a paring knife? We’ll tell you. What’s a Santoku knife? We’ll explain that too. Want to know how to choose the best blender? Got you covered.

So here at The Cook’s Measure, we’ve got a growing site full of things useful to everyday cooks like you. Enjoy the content our writers put together for you, including cooking product reviews, buying and gift guides, cooking tips and tutorials, and other articles.

And feel free to drop us a word on our Contact page if you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback.

Welcome to The Cook’s Measure from our editorial and writing staff.

Susan Davis

Susan R. Davis