Compare our top 5 carving knife and fork sets to find the perfect carving knife set for your Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. If you or a friend or loved one doesn't have a quality carving knife set for their family holiday dinners, you can find our top-rated offerings in this comparison guide of the top 5 carving knife and fork sets available in time for this holiday season.

While paring knives and chef's knives can handle kitchen work on both sides of the spectrum, there are always some "in-between" prep tasks that aren't as easily handled with those knives. If your kitchen regularly has prep work that falls in that range, you should take a look at this 6" Wusthof Classic utility knife to possibly address that need. And if you prefer to own a range of knives where each "fits the task" just right, this is an excellent #3 knife for your kitchen set right after a chef's knife and paring knife.

If you're looking for a flexible, high-quality prep knife to serve as the basis of your kitchen prep tools, you have to take a look at the Wusthof Classic 3.5-inch Paring Knife. This top-rated knife has a lot to offer just as a paring knife, but can also do double or triple duty in your kitchen if you have a limited set of knives. Be sure to check out our in-depth review.

Read our in-depth review of the highly-rated Wusthof Classic 8-inch Cook's Knife. You'll love this versatile high-quality chef's knife as an mainstay of your cooking knives, and if you're looking for the perfect gift for a cooking enthusiast friend or new culinary student, you can count on this all-purpose Wusthof knife as a gift for a cook.

The Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Knife Set is a great starter knife set for any serious cook or new chef starting out. Whether you are a home cooking enthusiast or a culinary student, or if you know one you're buying a gift for, this set of Wusthof knives is tops in quality. While you might find the price seemingly high for just two knives, you owe it to yourself to read my review and consider whether you still feel that way afterwards. With the two most important knives in your kitchen included - an 8-inch cook's knife and a 3-1/2 inch paring knife - you'll find excellent overall value for a reasonable price in this set.

The Wusthof Classic line of forged knives has a solid winner with this 3 piece knife set. It is designed to be a great knife starter set for professional chefs starting their careers and home enthusiasts with an eye to quality, ease of use, and a set of knives engineered to last for a lifetime. Check out this forged blade knife set including an 8 inch chef's knife, a 3.5 inch paring knife, and a 6 inch utility (or sandwich) knife.